#JusticeForJohnnyDepp Trends Again After New Evidence Against Amber Heard Emerges


Johnny Depp may have lost his UK libel action against The Sun after the publisher called him a “wife-beater” in 2018, but his legal team is putting up a solid fight in the ongoing US defamation lawsuit against former wife Amber Heard.

Despite the fact that the court has so far rendered a verdict against the Pirates of the Caribbean star and even denied his motion to appeal the result, the public consensus seems to favor the American thespian in this messy feud, if for nothing else but the ever-increasing and insurmountable evidence that’s stacking up against his old partner. The latest instance of this involves bodycam footage from the night the couple got into a huge fight and called the police.

Previously, the Aquaman actress and her friends had alleged that Depp threw a phone at her face and started breaking the furniture with a wine bottle. But apparently, 15 minutes after the fight, when officers Tyler Hadden and Melissa Saenz arrived at the scene, the latter of whom is a domestic violence specialist, they saw no sign of a brawl. In fact, as you can see below, everything seems to be intact and as such, #JusticeForJohnnyDepp has begun trending on Twitter again as fans rally behind the actor.

Adam Waldman, Depp’s attorney, gave the following statement via Daily Mail:

“Amber Heard and her friends described a chaotic, messy crime scene but the newly released LAPD bodycam videos unambiguously show that the penthouse was utterly undamaged and that their testimony was one more grandiose lie,” he said.

Additionally, Saenz offered her own deposition on the matter, claiming:

“I did not identify her as a victim of domestic violence,” She said. “We met with the victim, we checked the location, the husband wasn’t there, and that the victim advised us she wasn’t going to give us further information.”

The footage you saw above is from the other officers who arrived at their penthouse two hours later, neither of whom noticed anything wrong with the apartment. Waldman further said:

“You can see clearly in the police bodycam videos that all the items Ms. Heard and her friends claimed Mr. Depp smashed to smithereens with a wine bottle off the island in his penthouse kitchen – glass, fruit, baskets, vases and candelabras – are in perfect condition and tidily in their place. Nor does the red wine they claimed that Mr. Depp splashed all over the light-colored hallway carpets and walls exist.”

It remains to be seen whether this affects Johnny Depp‘s case in any meaningful way, but given all the other solid evidence against Heard that’s been presented, we’d be surprised if the court tossed it away so easily.

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Source: Twitter