Justice League 2’s Knightmare World Reportedly Would’ve Been Lord Of The Rings Meets Mad Max

Batman v Superman

Based on comments from everyone involved, it certainly sounds as though next week’s HBO Max release of Justice League will mark Zack Snyder’s final involvement with a franchise he helped launch when he signed on to direct Man of Steel over a decade ago, and one that’s undergone some serious reshuffles on both sides of the camera since.

Had Snyder not departed Justice League midway through production and his original vision for the movie was the one that hit the big screen in November 2017, who knows what the DCEU would look like today? We’d have definitely seen Part 2 by now, and possibly even Ben Affleck’s The Batman, while the director had ambitious plans for a five-film arc to tie the mythology together.

There’s been plenty of talk that if the Snyder Cut turns out to be a massive success then Zack could be given the keys to the kingdom once again, but there’ve been just as many conflicting reports that say the Warner Bros. brass want to wash their hands of the film as soon as possible, never to speak of it again.

Where the truth lies remains to be seen, but insider Daniel Richtman now claims that Justice League 2 would have ventured even deeper into the Knightmare timeline, which the tipster describes as being pitched as a cross between The Lord of the Rings and Mad Max. Snyder already teased that he had plans for a trilogy of superhero epics that were comparable to Peter Jackson’s legendary fantasy series, and the Knightmare footage we’ve seen so far definitely gives off those dusty post-apocalyptic vibes synonymous with George Miller’s most famous creation. It certainly would have definitely been a unique and fascinating approach to see unfold, but unfortunately, it looks like it’ll never materialize now.