Justice League’s Extended Atlantis Scene Leaks Online


Arguably the most important new character that Justice League introduced into the DC Extended Universe was Aquaman, who’s set to star in his own solo film next year. Though Zack Snyder left the bulk of the sea king’s mythos for director James Wan to sort out in his upcoming flick, the team-up movie did feature one sequence in his underworld homeland of Atlantis, which has now found its way online in a slightly extended version.

To jog your memory of what’s going on, Atlantis was tied into the movie’s storyline as it was home to one of the three Mother Boxes hidden on Earth. At this point in Justice League, Steppenwolf had already attacked Themyscira and claimed one of the devices and here, he travels to Atlantis to steal the second one from under the eye of the Atlantean guards – including Amber Heard’s Mera.

Though this clip cuts out when Steppenwolf boom tubes his way out of there with his booty, the full sequence in Justice League goes on to explore a little of Arthur Curry’s backstory. Jason Momoa’s merman meets his future wife Mera for the first time as their conversation reveals that he’s the son of the Atlantean Queen Atlanna and the human Thomas Curry. This has caused Arthur to lack a sense of belonging, which has fueled his rebellious attitude.

In Aquaman, Atlanna and Thomas will appear in the flesh, as played by Nicole Kidman and Temuera Morrison, respectively. As opposed to this sequence being confined to some random chamber within the kingdom though, we’ll finally get our first proper look at Atlantis. James Wan is already hyping up his own work on the movie, teasing that it will be like “Star Wars underwater” due to its grand scope and epic nature, and we’re certainly curious to see what he’s come up with for the character’s very own solo outing.

Justice League is still in theaters, while Aquaman splashes into cinemas on December 21st, 2018.