BTS Featurette For Justice League Brings You Closer To The DC Epic


Not unlike Batman V Superman before it, Justice League is on the verge of becoming a cult classic – among fans, at least.

Zack Snyder’s flawed masterpiece admittedly faltered in the story department, while the less said about Steppenwolf’s CGI, the better. However, by assembling DC’s finest roster of heroes – namely Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash – Justice League will always be remembered as a defining moment for the DC Extended Universe, despite the fact that Warner’s star-studded epic is now expected to break even with around $675 million.

Gone are the days when Justice League was tipped to soar past $1 billion with ease, and to put that lowly figure into perspective, the only other DCEU movie to come in lower than Justice League is Snyder’s Man of Steel, which brought in approximately $668 million back in 2013. Elsewhere, the aforementioned Batman V Superman reigns supreme at $873m, followed by Wonder Woman ($821m) and Suicide Squad ($745m).

But enough box office talk for one article; thanks to Flashback FilmMaking (via, today brings forth a rather epic, unofficial BTS featurette for Warner’s Justice League movie.

Providing you kept track of Justice League‘s storied production cycle – the highs, the lows, and everything in between – you’ll likely recognize many of the scenes included in Flashback FilmMaking’s montage, as they appear to be lifted from previous featurettes.

Still, it’s a welcome peek behind the curtain, though we should warn you that those rumors of a potential March release date for Justice League‘s home video release have since been debunked by Warner. That’s not to say that a spring launch is necessarily out of the question, merely that the studio isn’t ready to make an announcement…yet.