Ben Affleck Trends As Fans Celebrate Justice League Snyder Cut Announcement


One subset of fans rejoicing over news of the Snyder Cut of Justice League finally being released are Ben Affleck supporters.

Every time a new Batman movie comes out, there’ll inevitably be backlash over the particular casting of certain characters. Michael Keaton got it back in the late ‘80s and even the Heath Ledger pick for Joker was initially met with contempt. And it was no different when news broke of Affleck taking the part of the Caped Crusader. Many, myself included, wondered why he would play another superhero coming off of Oscar wins for Argo. But he took the part, got in insane shape and won many over.

He was, without question, the best part of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the scene towards the end of the movie involving a group of thugs at a warehouse is the single best fight sequence of any Batman film. Sorry, Nolan fans.

But Affleck’s turn as the character was short-lived though following the disappointment of Justice League. He never got to direct his own Batman movie and Warner Bros. eventually moved on once again, with Robert Pattinson now in the part, with Matt Reeves directing the upcoming solo film.

But now we’ll see Affleck one more time in the role and perhaps even before Pattinson. The Snyder Cut and The Batman are set for release in 2021. Fans want both, but Affleck getting one last shot and with Snyder’s true vision has everyone eager. There’s reports that the cast of Justice League may be brought in to help finish the Snyder Cut but to what extent, we don’t know.  Nevertheless, the support for more Batfleck is strong, as you can see down below with the sample of Tweets we’ve found:

Of course, that’s just a small sample of the support that can be seen for Ben on Twitter this week, and with any luck, the Justice League Snyder Cut will live up to the hype.