Justice League Stars May Return For New Snyder Cut Material


Today brought news that DC fans have been waiting almost two and a half years for – Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League is officially on the way. Ever since the theatrical release of what should have been a historic superhero team-up movie was widely panned back in late 2017, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement has called for Warner Bros. to, well, release the Snyder Cut. And now that it’s finally happening, it might come with an extra bonus.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there’s a chance that the stars of the film could return to help Snyder assemble his version of JL. As THR puts it, they may be brought back to “record additional dialogue.” It’s unclear right now exactly what that means – whether some reshoots could actually take place or if the cast would provide extra ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) – but from the wording, it seems more likely to be the latter.

We don’t know which of the cast might be needed to return, either. Of the main six, three of them are still knocking around the DCEU. Gal Gadot has Wonder Woman 1984 coming later this summer, Jason Momoa will reprise Arthur Curry in Aquaman 2 and, as things stand, Ezra Miller’s set to star in The Flash movie. It would be great to have some new material from either Henry Cavill’s Superman or Ray Fisher’s Cyborg as their DC futures are currently in doubt, but who knows if they’ll be back.

As for Ben Affleck, that would be the biggest fan-pleaser of all, seeing as he’s already handed the keys to the Batmobile over to Robert Pattinson. In any case, thanks to the Snyder Cut, we’re now getting two new Batman films in 2021 – with Pattinson’s debut The Batman being the other. It’ll be nice for fans to get a more fitting farewell for Batfleck, too, before we take Battinson into our hearts.

It’s believed that Snyder’s Justice League will clock in at around four hours, though it’s still being decided whether it’ll be served up as one long experience or split up into six so-called “chapters.” WB is reportedly handing Snyder an additional $20-30 million in order to complete the movie’s VFX, with the filmmaker rehiring much of his original post-production crew for the project.