Justice League Gets Brutalized By New Honest Trailer


While I personally thought Justice League to be an entertaining action flick, there’s no way I’m going to say it was anywhere near perfect or the movie I thought my favorite characters deserved. Of course, there are probably many of you out there who were lukewarm as well; not being blown away, yet also not entirely displeased.

With that, the folks over at Screen Junkies are back to do what they usually do, and that’s put pretty much any film through the wringer, this time dropping elbow after elbow on the first live action movie to unite DC’s premier superhero team. And, as was expected, it was a slaughter.

Now, as a DC fan who confesses to liking various things about the movie, I have to admit everything said in this video hit the nail on the head, be it from the film’s storied production to the litany of scenes we saw in official trailers that never made it into the final cut. In my honest opinion, it needed to be laid out like this so that maybe someone at the studio realizes what went wrong and those mistakes won’t be repeated.

Still, this wasn’t nearly the punch to the gut that the recent “Bromance” trailer was, which essentially acted as a supercut of nearly every out-of-character moment displayed by Batman (thanks, Joss Whedon). Really, you need not strain yourself to figure out why Black Panther is raking in the dough this movie should have.

Justice League is now available digitally, with Blu-ray and DVD releases coming on March 13 (pre-order here).