Justice League’s Charles Roven Says Producing DCEU Is “Too Big A Job” For One Person


Justice League wasn’t the only disappointment that prompted a big change at Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Soon after the launch and subsequent failure of Batman V Superman, long-time DC producer Charles Roven (The Dark Knight Trilogy) adopted a smaller role at the studio, when his duties were reportedly limited to being an executive producer on sequels to those DCEU flicks he helped launch – see Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.

Such an internal shake-up took Roven away from the likes of Aquaman and Flashpoint, which are now hurtling toward their respective release dates in 2018 and 2020, given the latter recently appointed John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to direct.

This leaves Charles Roven in an advisory role, though during a recent chat with Deadline, the DC stalwart stressed that producing the current DC Extended Universe is “way too big a job” for one person.

I think my role for the moment is to focus on those sequels but, you know, a couple of years ago, I was a producer on all of the Justice League movies, and their individual heroes movies, but it became very clear that in order to be a producer on those movies in the timeline that Warner Bros. wanted, it was way too big a job for one producer to oversee.

You’ll notice that Roven says “Justice League movies,” as in plural, leading some to speculate that Warner Bros. has multiple films simmering in development. Chances are Roven simply misspoke, or the quote was taken out of context, as it’s highly unlikely that WB will fast-track any continuations after Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s forgettable mess.

It’s a misfire that has reportedly delayed the Man of Steel sequel, too, while the aforementioned Aquaman now faces the difficult task of course-correcting the DCEU. The takeaway? Warner Bros. will clearly be hoping for another Wonder Woman-sized hit come December.

Justice League, on the other hand, is due to swoop onto Blu-ray and DVD in March and can be pre-ordered on Amazon.