Man Of Steel 2 Was Delayed Because Of Justice League Poor Performance


Man of Steel 2 is in active development, make no mistake about it. The sequel to Zack Snyder’s divisive franchise-starter may have invariably slipped down the pecking order over at Warner Bros. – who are still in the process of whipping their DC Extended Universe into shape after the disappointments of Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and, more recently, Justice League – but it is on the way, as was confirmed by a report just yesterday.

When it will arrive is obviously unknown, but if it wasn’t for the poor performance of the aforementioned team-up flick, we may have already received an official announcement from the studio. That’s because the original plan was to reveal Man of Steel 2‘s release date, and who will be directing it, this month. So, what happened then? Well, like we just said, Justice League ended up disappointing and that threw everything off track.

Mario-Francisco Robles of Revenge of the Fans has the scoop (as he so often does these days), claiming that Warner Bros. were high on Superman after test screenings of JL showed that audiences were responding well to the character. Not only that, but they assumed the Snyder/Whedon pic was going to be a hit and planned to “ride the positive wave” it would have created right into “an official announcement for Man of Steel 2” this month.

But, we all know what ended up happening. Justice League failed to impress both critically and commercially and winded up mired in controversy. How exactly this impacted Supes’ next solo outing isn’t clear, but Robles speculates it hurt WB’s negotiations with a potential director, which would make sense. That, combined with the shake-up going on behind the scenes at the studio has now led to a delay in getting Man of Steel 2 off the ground.

Fear not, though, as Robles says that we’ll be receiving an announcement pretty soon, which must mean that Warner Bros. is ready to get the gears turning again and likely, also has a director in place to guide the Big Blue Boy Scout’s next solo outing. Who that’ll be and when we’ll hear anything concrete remains to be seen, but all signs point to Man of Steel 2 becoming a reality sooner rather than later.

While we wait to learn more, tell us, who would you like to see get behind the camera for the project? Take to the comments section and let us know!