Justice League Concept Art Reveals Superman, CinemaCon Footage Description Arrives


Though it underwent a prolonged period of radio silence, Justice League finally revealed itself to fans in a big way last weekend, when Warner Bros. dropped an explosive new trailer for the film. Granted, it wasn’t the first footage we’d seen from it, but it was by far our best look yet and we’ll be damned if it wasn’t a promising preview. With a fair amount of humor, some epic character moments and an overall tone that seems to be balancing things just right, it’s fair to say that it got a lot of people back on board with the blockbuster.

One thing that was missing from the trailer, and all the marketing surrounding it, though, was Superman. Yes, he is currently dead in the DC Extended Universe, but it’s already been revealed that he’ll be back to join the League in Zack Snyder’s upcoming blockbuster. Unfortunately, it seems as if his resurrection will be something that we’ll have to wait until the film hits theatres to learn about, but in the meantime, some new concept art has surfaced which shows the Big Blue Boy Scout standing alongside the team.

Coming to us from Twitter user Sean Murphy, it was also accompanied with some art for Wonder Woman. Nothing here is terribly revealing, but as far as the Justice League photo goes, it’s definitely nice to see Supes standing together with the other heroes, as we did miss him in that most recent trailer.

In related news, Warner Bros. held their panel at CinemaCon tonight and as expected, they showed off several of their upcoming tentpoles. One of which was Justice League, of course, and thanks to ComicBook.com, we now have a description of the footage that was screened. It sounds pretty similar to what we got in the trailer, give or take a few shots, and you can check it out for yourself below.

“Master Wayne, you’ve been working as if there’s no tomorrow, trying to build this team.” Alfred says. Bruce realizes it’s time to stop trying to divide them, but bring them together.

Diana enters his hangar. Bruce is hard at work. He is frustrated that she can get through his expensive security. He explains that he is building a troop carrier. She says that attack is already here.

Aquaman is seen underwater, then bringing the fisherman in. Cyborg is introduced with trailer’s shots. Wonder Woman takes out enemies. The Flash meets Bruce in his apartment and runs at super speed.

Batman takes out parademons. He tells Barry he is rich.

They battles parademons in a nest in Gotham City.

Barry talks to his father in jail. Aquman and the gang fight. Wonder Woman follows her sword down a Gotham City ventilation shaft. Flash assists her in catching it.

The Batsignal is in the sky. Barry is excited about it and tells Bruce how cool he thinks it is.

So again, not too different than what we saw last weekend, but it sounds like the attendees at CinemaCon had a few more fun character moments to feast on, which we’re definitely a bit jealous of. Obviously, there was still no Superman shown, but for now, at least we have the concept art above to help tide us over until the Man of Steel makes his grand return later this year.

Justice League storms into theatres on November 17th.

Source: Twitter