New Justice League Trailer Unites The Squad


Well, here it is, folks. The moment you, myself and just about everyone else with a pulse has been waiting for – the new Justice League trailer. Yes, we can’t believe it either, but up above you’ll be able to clock eyes on brand new footage from the upcoming blockbuster and after so many months of radio silence and concerning rumors, it feels damn good to finally be able to get our hands on this preview.

Releasing hot on the heels of those bite-sized promos, one for each member of the titular team, this new trailer finally brings everyone together for what looks to be a film of epic proportions. One which has seemingly taken everything wrong with Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad and thrown it out the window, instead favoring a lighter, more fun-filled approach. At least, that’s the sense we get from the footage here. We don’t want to judge prematurely, but Justice League appears to be quite different from what we’ve seen in the DC Extended Universe thus far, and it will no doubt be all the better for it.

Packed to the brim with explosive action and some terrific character moments, there’s also a lot of humor to be found here, with more than a few laugh out loud moments. The overall tone is still fairly dark, at least when compared to what we’re seeing in the MCU, but it’s certainly a nice change of pace from Dawn of Justice and shows that the studio has taken past criticisms to heart. That being said, the trailer isn’t quite perfect.

For one, it would have been nice to get a bit more time with a few of the heroes (like Cyborg and the Flash), as Bats and Wonder Woman take up most of the spotlight. Furthermore, the specifics of the plot still remain unclear, which is concerning given the storytelling problems we saw in BvS. Overall though, this is certainly a promising preview, one which will hopefully go a long way in getting people on board with the studio’s tentpole. At the very least, you can’t deny how thrilling it is to finally see the whole squad on screen together. Well, the whole squad minus Superman, who’s once again absent, leading us to believe that he won’t be resurrected until closer to the end of the film.

There’s a lot riding on Justice League – the entire future of the DCEU, quite possibly – and if it’s anything other than a smashing success, the studio’s going to be in seriously hot water. Will it be able to live up to the monumental amount of hype surrounding it? We’ll let you decide that one for yourself.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League arrives in theatres on November 17th, complete with a star-studded cast that boasts Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa and more. Feast your eyes on the sizzling new trailer up above and be sure to leave a comment in the usual place letting us know what you think.

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