Justice League Featurette Highlights The Heroes’ Costumes


Ahead of the release of Justice League on DVD and Blu-ray (pre-order here), a short clip from one of the featurettes showcases the suits of the film’s superheroes, as costume designer Michael Wilkinson talks about the thinking that went into making them.

First off, the video highlights Henry Cavill’s revamped Superman costume. Fans will know that the Man of Steel’s threads underwent a much more colourful redesign in Justice League, in comparison to the washed-out look seen in the previous films. Wilkinson reveals in the featurette that the new glimmering sheen the suit has is thanks to the metal plates placed underneath it.

Superman himself, Henry Cavill, also gets chatting about how much he still enjoys putting on the iconic costume, despite now having portrayed the character three times. His comments play over an interesting look behind the scenes at the final shot of the movie, featuring the actor getting to do the legendary ‘shirt rip.’

“There’s no feeling like it,” said Cavill. “It’s a special, special thing to put the Superman suit on. I get excited about it still. Me and my friends talk about it, we geek out about Superman. It’s truly, truly unique.”

Wilkinson then turns to Batman’s second outfit from Justice League, the so-called Tactical Suit – the more armoured number that comes in handy when fighting against Steppenwolf and his Parademons during the third act. The costume designer reveals it was built over the suit from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, while also telling us that Ben Affleck wore a new cowl in this film, which allowed for much more flexibility.

Finally, the featurette also gives us a brief glimpse of some concept art featuring Superman in his black suit. Fans were calling for it to turn up in the movie forever and finally, a recently released deleted scene revealed the costume. However, it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get to see Cavill’s hero actually ever wear it in any version of the film.

Justice League is now available on digital HD, with the DVD/Blu-Ray release hitting shelves on March 13th.