Gal Gadot Touches On Justice League Criticism


Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, 2017 was really one big whirlwind for Gal Gadot.

Coming off her all-too-brief cameo in Batman V Superman, the so-hot-right-now Israeli launched head-first into Wonder Woman, and became the year’s highest-grossing actress as a result. There is one caveat to that blistering success, though: Justice League.

Sure, Zack Snyder’s flawed masterclass further cemented Gadot’s place as the heart of the DCEU, but it’s fair to say that the end product was widely panned by critics – including our own Matt Donato, who deemed Justice League to be a colossal misfire. That damning critical consensus was presented to Gal Gadot during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, in which the DC star essentially ducked out of the question and instead drew attention to the untitled Wonder Woman 2.

When I started to shoot Justice League it was literally the day after I wrapped on Wonder Woman. So it was the same, but different, and it was really nice to share the stage with an ensemble cast, and work with some of the guys again. It was a lot of fun. Obviously, it wasn’t about Wonder Woman; she was supporting the bigger story. I’m very excited to start working on Wonder Woman 2.

As for the runaway success of Diana Prince’s solo adventure ($821 million worldwide), Gadot admitted that no one – not even the wishful thinkers at Warner Bros. – believed Wonder Woman would do so well.

There’s always how you feel about something but you never know how it’s really going to be once it’s all done and ready to go. It felt like it was special. When we shot the movie we were so invested and so thoughtful with every decision we made with the character and the story, I was so privileged to work with an amazingly phenomenal filmmaker, Patty Jenkins. But we didn’t expect it to be so well received.

It’s since spawned a bona fide sequel, one which has been described as “totally different” than the first movie. Look for it to arrive in November of 2019, while Justice League is expected to stage its Blu-ray release sometime in March and can now be pre-ordered on Amazon.