New Listing Points To A Potential March Release For Justice League Blu-Ray


The Justice League of America are officially bound for Blu-ray, and it appears as though Best Buy has narrowed the release window to March.

According to a new listing (via Screen Rant), which has since been yanked offline, Justice League will roll out across Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, March 13th. Before we get into the weeds, it’s important to stress that Warner Bros. is yet to comment on this alleged launch date, so proceed with caution.

Should this hold true, Justice League‘s home video release would certainly ease the wait for Aquaman, given the James Wan-directed spinoff isn’t expected to arrive until December of 2018. No mention of special features and/or extended cuts just yet, but below you’ll find a steelbook cover illustrated by industry giant Jim Lee. This marks the third DCEU title to receive the Jim Lee treatment, considering the decorated artist has pumped out alternate covers for both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, which have since become sought-after collectors’ items.

Feast thy eyes:

Before it was pulled off the interwebs, Best Buy priced the Justice League steelbook at $34.99, while Amazon has the Blu-ray and DVD combo pack, one which also bundles in a digital copy of Zack Snyder’s flawed blockbuster, for only $30.04. The latter also has a listing for the standard 4K Ultra HD version, and that’ll set you back exactly $29.99.

At the time of writing, neither outlet is advertising the movie’s Jim Lee-illustrated steelbook, so perhaps Warner Bros. plans to hold fire before revealing the collector’s item at a later date – either that, or Best Buy simply jumped the gun. Nevertheless, as you’ll see from the image above, this is a beautiful spin on the DC super-team, and we’ll surely be able to take home Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the gang before long.

Keep your peepers peeled for more and remember, Justice League is now available to pre-order on Amazon for those who are interested.