Justice League: Ray Fisher Hints At A “Different” Cyborg Built For “A New Era”


Though he technically witnessed the “Dawn of Justice” thanks to an all-too-brief cameo in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman, DC fans are still longing for their first true look at Ray Fisher in action as Victor Stone (AKA Cyborg).

Part man, part machine, Fisher’s hybrid is all set to enjoy a fairly substantial role in November’s Justice League movie – he is one of the founding members, after all – while previous reports have confirmed that Victor Stone’s troubled relationship with his father, Silas Stone, will factor into the film’s reworked story. We say reworked because, as previously reported, Warner Bros. and DC’s all-star comic book movie has experienced some changes of late, after two-time Avengers director Joss Whedon was hired to “fine-tune” Zack Snyder’s initial vision. And make no mistake, that vision remains intact.

Circling back to Cyborg, though, and while promoting Justice League at the AsiaPOP Comicon in Manila (via ComicBook.com), Fisher outlined what makes his character tick, before drawing a line between the Cyborg of JL and the one seen in the Teen Titans animated series.

In Fisher’s eyes, his portrayal of Victor Stone introduces a “different” Cyborg for a “new era,” and we know that era largely revolves around Warner’s ever-expanding DC Extended Universe.

Here’s that quote in full, where the Justice League actor also took the chance to compliment The Walking Dead‘s Khary Payton for his voice performance as Stone:

He’s a very real and grounded character and that’s something I found very interesting to bring to the table. I love the cartoon, but this is a different Cyborg, for a new era. I was a huge fan of that Cyborg growing up as a kid because that was when the original cartoon show was on, and Khary Payton is a master at what he does.

On November 17th, Justice League brings together DC’s finest to fend off the invading Steppenwolf, and you can catch details of the opening sequence right here.