Justice League’s Opening Scene Revealed


For all the commotion that’s been caused by Justice League recently thanks to extensive reshoots and Joss Whedon taking over from Zack Snyder, we still know very little about the actual film itself. The controversies surrounding it have been discussed and analyzed to death, but as far as plot details go, or even something simple like when it’ll be set, there’s really not much that’s been made public. But with that November 17th release date quickly approaching, that’s all about to change.

Total Film has just published a meaty story on the upcoming flick and among other things, they’ve revealed how it will open up. According to them, Justice League is a “direct sequel” to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and begins with “Superman in the grave after sacrificing himself during the battle against Doomsday. Batman and Wonder Woman are gathered in mourning before Steppenwolf makes himself known, leaving the duo to team up with other enhanced heroes.”

That’s all we’ve got to go on right now, but it paints a pretty good picture of how things kick off and given that this is Total Film we’re talking about, we know that we can trust the intel here – unlike so many other reports about the movie that come from questionable sources. Plus, with the new issue now on sale, we imagine that more juicy details will begin to surface over the next few days, so be sure to stay tuned.

Justice League swoops into theaters on November 17th, when Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s blockbuster will become the fifth entry into the DC Extended Universe to date. But can it channel the smashing success of Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie? Or will it struggle to overcome the hurdles and production woes that befell Suicide Squad? Only time will tell.

Beyond 2017, and aside from locking down a late 2019 release date for Wonder Woman 2, Warner Bros. has been coy about its future plans for the DCEU, but there have been rumblings that David Sandberg’s Shazam movie – a film that is seemingly much more light-heartened when compared to the rest of WB’s superhero output – is next in line to enter production ahead of its debut in the early stages of 2019.