Are Justice League Dark And Batgirl The Next DCEU Movies To Shoot?


Wonder Woman marks the fourth movie in the DC Extended Universe, with the fifth on the way later this year – Justice League – and the sixth coming in 2018 – Aquaman. After that, however, the slate of upcoming releases starts to look fuzzy. Recently, it was reported that DC were waiting to finish up with Justice League before sorting out their schedule, but now a new rumour states that they already know which two projects will be the next ones to go before the cameras.

The Hollywood Reporter is telling us that Justice League Dark and Batgirl will go into active production once Aquaman‘s shoot is over. In the case of the latter, this makes a lot of sense. We know that Batgirl will be directed by Joss Whedon, who has just taken over the reigns of Justice League from Zack Snyder. As such, it’s not too surprising to hear that he’ll move on to his own project now that he’s got a taste for playing in the DC sandbox.

Justice League Dark, on the other hand, is an unexpected choice. The movie was all set to go ahead with Edge of Tomorrow’s Doug Liman, until he recently vacated the director’s chair. If Dark really is soon to reach the shooting stage, it’s likely that DC already have a replacement in mind. In fact, just the other week it was rumored that Mama helmer Andy Muschietti might climb aboard. Stay tuned for confirmation on that one.

If this new schedule is to be believed, it’s interesting to note how it’s totally different from the original plan for the DC Extended Universe, which was revealed a few years ago. Movies such as The Flash, Cyborg and Shazam were set to arrive as part of the initial wave of releases, but unless those projects really get their skates on soon, it looks likely that we won’t see them for a while yet.

Tell us, do you want to see Justice League Dark and Batgirl as the next DCEU films to head into production? Let us know your thoughts in the usual place.

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