Eagle-Eyed DC Fans Have Spotted Justice League’s Callback To Doomsday


Love him or loathe him, Zack Snyder’s passion for comic books and geek culture cannot be overstated.

It’s the reason why his movies tend to be laced with nine kinds of Easter eggs and other cute references to DC lore, and why fans have taken more than three months to pinpoint Justice League‘s callback to Doomsday, the grotesque villain of Batman V Superman.

First spotted by one eagle-eyed Twitter user, below you’ll discover a neat parallel between Doomsday and the resurrected Superman, who descends upon Metropolis in front of this superpowered allies, who look on with a mixture of confusion and trepidation.

Pay attention to the camerawork and framing and you’ll notice that it’s eerily similar to Doomsday’s own scene, and even the Man of Steel’s body language closely resembles his former antagonist.

So, turns out Doomsday’s birth and Superman’s resurrection have more in common than we originally thought. If nothing else, it’s a neat callback to the DC Extended Universe, and proof that Zack Snyder crafted Justice League with a tremendous amount of care – even if the final product bombed among critics and struggled to light up the box office in the way Warner Bros. would have hoped.

Via Twitter:

Following its pitiful box office performance – $228 million domestic, a figure Black Panther outstripped in a matter of daysJustice League is due to make its debut across Blu-ray and DVD on March 13th (pre-order here), and it’ll come packing a raft of never-before-seen content. Just don’t hold your breath for that fabled director’s cut, or an extended peek at Superman’s resurrection.