DC Fans Are Blasting HBO Max For Retweet Of Post Mocking Justice League

Justice League

In the latest episode of the digital melodrama that is the scorched earth of Twitter arguments, Justice League fans are currently venting their ire over a retweet by an HBO Max account that they took great exception with.

The original post in question is the one below, tweeted by Daily Beast and Decider writer Scott Porch in relation to an article he wrote about the streaming platform’s development over the year of its operation and its focus on opening weekends.

It would have probably garnered as much notice as most articles do in the oversaturated topic of major releases, were it not for the swipe at Zack Snyder’s magnum opus not being in the top three despite the regular inundation of coverage it received in the years between the theatrical version’s release and Snyder’s own vision debuting on the streaming service.

As DC fans are wont to do, they took HBO Insider’s retweet as an endorsement of Porch’s jibe and by extension a declaration of the entire company’s contempt for everyone involved in the movement, rather than, say, a stressed social media intern locating something that talks about the streamer’s successes and being too harried to notice the weak joke after the relevant information. As well as countless angry replies, it also led to multiple messages of fans declaring their cancellation of the service, because how else do you best respond to an act of reactionary petulance than with another?

There was unlikely anything malicious intended by Porch’s tweet, and he was perhaps just expressing his frustration at the endless entitlement displayed by obnoxious fans who take personally any criticism of their chosen obsession, and as an entertainment news writer, maybe just having become a little bored with being endlessly required to write about it.

Either way, Justice League is once again back in the cultural conversation just as it seemed as though we’d moved past it (and I’m aware of the irony of bemoaning such a state even as I type the words contributing to it), and we’re once again reminded of exactly what made the wait for the movie’s release so interminable.