HBO Max Retweets Post Blasting Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Justice League

The constant chatter surrounding the short and long-term futures of the SnyderVerse has finally started to subside a little bit, with the weeks following the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max setting the rumor mill ablaze in regards to potential sequels, the filmmaker’s return to the franchise, a continuation of the mythology on streaming, Dwayne Johnson stepping in to save the day and much more in between.

Fans loved the Snyder Cut, but you get the distinct impression that Warner Bros. remained ambivalent throughout the entire campaign to bring it to life. It wouldn’t be harsh to say that we’d never have seen the four-hour DCEU epic at all if there wasn’t an expensive new streaming service to shill, with the realization of a near-mythical project an ideal method to drive a spike in subscriber numbers.

Even the director has admitted on more than one occasion that there’s simply zero interest on the studio’s part in picking up from where the epilogue left off, with the most recent batch of speculation claiming that no projects related to the SnyderVerse will get a green light from the boardroom. It remains to be seen what’ll ultimately happen, but one of HBO Max’s official Twitter accounts made a serious faux pas yesterday when it retweeted a post discrediting Justice League.

While the @InsideHBOMax handle has since deleted the evidence, you can see the original post below, which has generated plenty of fury and indignation in the replies.

The Justice League discourse continues to rumble on in the background, and given that HBO Max has never released official viewing figures for any of its highest profile originals, the exact truth of how well it did remains shrouded in mystery. Still, you could probably bank on the Snyder Cut’s Thursday debut drawing in the highest single-day audience in the platform’s history, at the very least.