Zack Snyder Says #RestoreTheSnyderVerse Campaign Will Likely Result In Nothing

Justice League

Ever since Zack Snyder’s Justice League premiered on HBO Max exactly one month ago today, the internet has been ablaze with rumors and speculation surrounding where the filmmaker’s mythology goes from here. Technically, the SnyderVerse is alive and well with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s Flash still vital cogs in the DCEU machine, but there doesn’t seem to be any appetite on Warner Bros.’ part for more crossovers.

The epilogue of the Snyder Cut left the door firmly open for any number of continuations ranging from direct Justice League sequels to Knightmare spinoffs via Ben Affleck’s The Batman, and the fans have been campaigning hard in the meantime to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. There’ve been tales that it could happen on HBO Max, while other reports have claimed it may be resurrected on the big screen in the future, and Dwayne Johnson is also heavily linked with riding to the rescue and saving the day.

So far, Snyder’s only involvement in the second major online movement to bear his name came when he told fans to watch Justice League as often as possible, while encouraging their friends and families to do the same. However, in a new interview, the Army of the Dead director addressed the future of the SnyderVerse directly, and it hardly sounds as though he’s brimming with confidence.

“I’ll just say this. It is a concept that I think shows reverence for the work. In that way, whatever it results in I have no idea. Most likely nothing. The reverence for the work is something I would never dismiss or in any way say I don’t respect. Of course, I would give my entire effort to support. If someone says to me, no matter who that person is, if they say to me, ‘I really loved that thing, I wish you would make another one’, I’m personally not a person who says ‘forget it’ because I think that is rude.”

Snyder has openly reiterated on numerous occasions that WB have no interest in picking up from where Justice League left off, and his stance on the matter clearly hasn’t changed. The ball is very much in the boardroom’s court as to whether or not they’ll ever extend another invitation his way, but he’s clearly not holding his breath.