Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Ignoring WB’s Plans To End The SnyderVerse

Dwayne Johnson

When he’s not shooting Black Adam and teasing his plans to run for president, Dwayne Johnson is apparently busy behind the scenes trying to restore the SnyderVerse. Reports have been swirling lately that say The Rock could be the one to rescue the original DCEU and prevent Warner Bros. from wiping out what Zack Snyder established in his movies. And according to the latest intel, Johnson’s plowing ahead with his intentions to bring the SnyderVerse stars back, despite WB’s plans for the exact opposite.

Mikey Sutton of Geekosity shared some new info on the situation today. Matching up with what we’ve heard before, the studio allegedly intends to reboot the DCEU with The Flash movie. For them, this is where the SnyderVerse will well and truly end. However, Johnson apparently plans to ignore this as he wants the original DCEU to continue in his own Black Adam franchise. “The Rock is ignoring all of Warner Bros.’ plans to end the SnyderVerse,” says Sutton.

Apparently, there’s a “private tug-of-war” going on between the actor and WB right now, but as you would figure, Johnson’s said to be the favorite to win this battle. Sutton’s source shared that the star is not going to bow down to the studio, as “The Rock is making Black Adam the way he always envisioned, and nobody will stand in his way.”

Geekosity also writes that SnyderVerse events will be referenced in Johnson’s film, which will link it to those movies from the off. Apparently, even Darkseid will get a mention. Shazam! likewise nodded to Snyder’s efforts in various ways, but these were mostly tongue-in-cheek. It seems The Rock is keen to take it a bit more seriously, though, and Sutton says that the future of the SnyderVerse in cinemas rests with Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson is currently shooting the movie, which also features Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo and Pierce Brosnan, ahead of its release in theaters on July 29th, 2022, and with any luck, we’ll learn more about his plans to keep the SnyderVerse in tact quite soon.