Zack Snyder Encourages Fans To Watch Justice League On Repeat

Justice League

As soon as one fan campaign for Zack Snyder’s Justice League finally ended after years of relentless social media bombardments, another one almost immediately sprang up in its wake. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut is dead, long live #RestoreTheSnyderVerse.

It goes without saying that the only reason the filmmaker was allowed back to revisit the DCEU’s all-star movie was to drive up subscriber numbers for HBO Max, which it appears to have done and then some. If that sounds cynical, then the repeated assertions from Warner Bros. that they have no inclination whatsoever to see any of the cliffhangers continued makes it pretty clear that the Snyder Cut was a marketing tool as opposed to the executives bowing to fan pressure.

However, the director’s army of loyal supporters will not be dissuaded, and they’ve now started streaming both the original version and Justice Is Gray Edition of Justice League on repeat, in an effort to drive up the viewership numbers even though the coordinated social media movement has already given their master plan away by revealing that the figures are clearly going to be artificially inflated.

However, the man himself has lent his support to the call to arms this week, with Snyder telling his fans to both watch his all-new Justice League and encourage others to do so, as you can see below.

By all accounts, it’s an absolute clusterf*ck behind the scenes at WarnerMedia, so we’re still no closer to finding out if the SnyderVerse will be restored or not. It’s looking very unlikely that it’ll happen on the big screen, but HBO Max have already rode to the rescue of Justice League once before, and they could yet end up doing it again.