Justice League: J.K. Simmons Was Actually Intimidated By The Role Of Commissioner Gordon


While most moviegoers were focusing on the Justice League itself when DC’s premier superhero team consisting of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg finally united for the first time on the big screen, it’s important we not forget the various supporting characters that helped tie the movie together.

In fact, one notable inclusion was that of Commissioner James Gordon, making his first official appearance in the DC Extended Universe. Normally, you’d expect taking on such a role to not give someone the butterflies that playing a major hero would, but veteran actor J.K. Simmons found himself in such a situation. And, to be honest, it’s quite understandable, especially when you consider that Gotham City’s top cop has been played by a variety of vastly talented professionals in both live action and animation.

Here’s what he had to say to The North Platte Telegraph regarding that:

“There was definitely a little bit of an intimidation factor but I wasn’t going to sit down in my living room, get out my DVDs and watch Gary Oldman.

“I obviously had a tiny little part in the first movie and I did more reading of comics and talking to friends who were comic book aficionados rather than watching or listening to the wonderful actors who have played that character in the past.”

Even though Simmons appeared in only a few scenes, I certainly believed him as Gordon. And after reading the above statement, I’m glad he ignored the performances that came before, instead relying on the source material to find the character. With the Commish having originally appeared in 1939’s Detective Comics #27, he’s actually been a part of the Batman mythos longer than even the Joker or Robin, so I can understand why Simmons would handle this job with care.

Right now, it’s unknown as to when Justice League will arrive on Blu-ray, but all signs point toward a March release date.