The Justice League Murder Avengers And X-Men On International Poster


Warner Bros. staged a pretty substantial marketing campaign for Justice League. It may have failed in the end, given the film’s unimpressive and underwhelming box office take this past weekend, but they sure did their best to get audiences into theaters, no one can deny that. Overseas, however, it seems like the studio’s taking a more aggressive approach, as a new, Chinese poster has surfaced today and it’s really got to be seen to be believed.

Featured in the gallery below, this one-sheet depicts the titular team taking out the competition. And that’s putting it lightly. In actuality, the League is brutally murdering and dismembering several key figures from Fox’s X-Men franchise and even a few members of Marvel’s Avengers. And before you go ahead and cry “fake,” know that this poster is most definitely real and has appeared in several Chinese movie theaters already.

When it comes to marketing, this is about as provocative as you can get, not to mention we’re unsure if it’s even legal to use something like this, given that Warner Bros. doesn’t own the rights to half the characters here. It’s unclear who exactly gave the go ahead for the design, but it’s pretty crazy to think that it’s actually out there in the wild and was approved for use. If nothing else, though, it’s sure to get fans talking and give them even more to argue over as the endless Marvel vs. DC debate rages on.

Justice League initially hit theaters last Friday and has since collected $279 million worldwide. It’s the “dismal” domestic opening that’s the real stinger, though, given that $94m puts JL rock bottom of the fledgling DC Extended Universe in terms of North American debuts. Even Wonder Woman managed to clear $100m back in July, which doesn’t exactly reflect well on DC’s team-up movie.