Justice League Becomes Justice LEGO In New SDCC Poster


Earlier this year, we had The LEGO Batman Moviebut now it’s time for the whole of the Justice League to get the LEGO treatment in this new poster, which is exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con and comes courtesy of Tom Whalen.

Though we’ve seen LEGO versions of Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash before – the three appeared in both The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie – it’s less common to see mini-versions of arguably lesser-known members of the League, like Aquaman and Cyborg. Furthermore, it’s especially rare to see the LEGO DC heroes decked out in their costumes/looks from the DC Extended Universe.

Though his teammates appear around him, it’s naturally LEGO’s favourite hero, Batman, who takes centre stage on the poster. It’s a great piece of art overall, with a nice touch being the Ben Affleck-esque five o’clock shadow which differentiates this Batman from Will Arnett’s mini-fig Dark Knight.

The flying creatures featured on the poster are likely parademons, the monstrous henchmen of Darkseid that will appear in the upcoming movie. A big clue to their identity is the LEGO block-esque Mother Box one’s seen holding. For a more movie-accurate look at those, you can check out some snaps of the props that leaked from SDCC yesterday in the gallery up above.

Be sure to stay tuned throughout the weekend for more news about Justice League, as we fully expect some new footage to premiere during the Warner Bros. panel on Saturday ahead of the blockbuster’s debut in theatres on November 17th of this year. Until then, though, take a look at the awesome new poster below and let us know what you think of it.