Justice League Mortal Concept Art Offers Closeups Of Batman And Superman


After what was pretty much a decade of radio silence following production on Justice League Mortal being shut down, it’s great to see all the info that’s been trickling online as of late. Granted, it came at a price – that being the demise of a tell-all documentary chronicling the film’s ill-fated story – but we’re more than willing to reap the consolation prizes.

Being a lifelong fan of Batman, you could imagine that seeing Armie Hammer in full Dark Knight regalia is something I’ve been waiting for since this movie was originally coming together all the way back in 2007. Believe it or not, we didn’t receive any photographic evidence around that time, so much thanks goes to DC Films Hub’s Twitter page for bringing the following concept art into the light.

Before, all we could do was visualize whatever descriptions came from the mouth of Hammer himself, but now we have a fine idea what he would’ve looked like when fully decked out as the Caped Crusader – and it’s downright atrocious. Really, this armor-over-pajamas look would probably work better in an anime like, say, Batman Ninja, but it’d appear downright silly in live action. Heck, it’s cringe-worthy enough on the page.

Still, one has to wonder if this would’ve been the final look, but it does bear similarities to what’s seen in the piece showing the full lineup of the Justice League itself, which we’ve also included in the above gallery for your convenience.

Furthermore, it could be concluded that some alterations have been made because we can see that, in the second image, DJ Cotrona’s Superman is wearing the red trunks, which we know were ultimately omitted from the final look.

So, even though this interpretation of Batman is leaving a bad taste in our mouths for now, we can only hope that an actual photo of Armie Hammer in costume surfaces before long. And with all the Justice League Mortal goodies that have emerged in recent memory, it’s entirely possible it’ll happen soon enough.