Krypton’s Last Son Lights Up This Stunning Justice League Motion Poster


You can’t save the world alone, it seems.

10 days out from release, Warner Bros. has finally – finally! – shown some love to the Man of Steel, who lights up this stunning new motion poster for Justice League.

The 35-second tease, embedded above, heralds the launch of Warner’s new website, which comes bearing the cryptic message, “hope never dies.” And if that isn’t a sure-fire sign that Superman will be resurrected in time to fight Steppenwolf, then we don’t know what is. There’s also this rousing piece of dialogue from Lois Lane (Amy Adams) that can be heard just as Krypton’s Last Son emerges:

This is what we know: the world has grown darker and while we have reason to fear, we have the strength not to. There are heroes among us to remind us that only from fear comes courage, that only from the darkness… can we truly feel the light.

If nothing else, it’s a timely reminder that Superman is involved in Justice League, even if the marketing material thus far has said otherwise. The finer details of Kal-El’s resurrection are being kept stowed away in the Warner Bros. vaults, but during a recent interview, Henry Cavill himself pointed to the Rebirth comics as a source of inspiration. Does that mean ‘Black Suit Superman’ is a shoo-in? It’s far too soon to tell, but we’ll keeping a close eye on what is undoubtedly the DCEU’s biggest movie as time wears on.

Emerging from a prolonged spell in front of the cameras, which reportedly pushed Justice League‘s budget north of $300 million, the Zack Snyder mega-movie is locked in for November 17th. And we use the term ‘mega-movie’ lightly in this instance, as Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara allegedly pushed for a two-hour cut.