Henry Cavill Weighs In On ‘Black Suit Superman’ Rumors Ahead Of Justice League


For a character who has spent most, if not all of Justice League‘s marketing campaign waiting in the wings, Superman has kicked up quite the fuss online – through no fault of his own, of course.

The Man of Steel paid the ultimate sacrifice at the tail-end of Batman V Superman, and ever since, rumors of his inevitable resurrection have only intensified. The manner of Superman’s second coming is being kept firmly under lock and key for now, but while promoting Justice League on WSVN-TV (with a tip of the hat to ComicBook.com), Henry Cavill hinted that Zack Snyder and Co. have looked to the Rebirth comics for inspiration.

Said he:

Clark Kent. Have you read the Rebirth comics? Rebirth comics, it’s a very different style of Clark Kent and Superman. He actually has a son as well with Lois and they live in a different place. It’s a very different lifestyle and relationship going on there so there’s an opportunity there for that, but there are so many different other opportunities as well where we can express and play with what and who Clark is.

That’s all well and good, but what about the prospect of Black Suit Superman? It’s the one rumor that refuses to go away – you know, barring all that talk about a Green Lantern cameo – and here, Cavill stopped short of mentioning any firm details, merely confirming that the Last Son of Krypton sports a particularly striking black suit in the comics.

“That’s exactly how it appears,” Cavill said when asked if it was a black suit. “I mean, it appears to be a black suit, right?

Hoping to complete the one-two punch following the meteoric success of Wonder Woman back in June ($821 million worldwide), Justice League has been slated for release on November 17th.