Black Suit Superman Goes All In On Gorgeous Fan Made Justice League Poster


Lately, it seems like we can’t wake up without being treated to new Justice League goodies. After all, not only is the theatrical release just over a month away, but we also have the final trailer to look forward to this Sunday. But, in the interim, we have more than just the folks in Warner Bros.’ marketing department to help tide us over.

By now, you probably have some amount of familiarity with Boss Logic, one of the most prolific fan artists on social media today. Basically, whenever there’s a major casting announcement – or even just rumors – they’re quickly on the job, giving us a fair idea of what specific actors may look like in the guise of various iconic characters.

Or, in this case, it’s to fill in a missing piece of the puzzle.

As you know by now, Superman has been unfortunately absent from much of Justice League‘s marketing. This, probably, is in an effort to preserve the idea of his “death” – even though his return has been spoiled in kind by loose-lipped merchandisers. Still, us fans of the Man of Steel feel a little saddened whenever he’s not called over to play.

This time, Boss Logic has allowed Superman to go “All In,” just as his cohorts have in other recent officially released posters. Sure, they could’ve just inserted an already released photo, but have instead gone with the black suit we’re all clamoring to see. Also spotted are some flowing locks, though it’s doubtful Henry Cavill grew out a majestic mullet.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17.