Justice League Post-Credits Scene To Feature Deathstroke And Lex Luthor?


Hope. It’s the four-letter word on which rebellions are built, and coming out of this morning’s DC-themed Twitter storm, comic book fans are now beginning to look toward Justice League with a renewed sense of it.

That’s because the Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon blockbuster has officially been labeled as a solid addition to the fledgling DC Extended Universe – fun, but flawed is the early consensus – with the full-length reviews expected to debut early next week. In fact, as we reported just yesterday, that window has now been narrowed down to 11:50 pm PST on Tuesday, November 14th (2:50 am EST on the Wednesday for those on the East Coast), so it’ll be some time yet before we catch wind of the final verdict.

Nevertheless, after months of disconcerting rumors and reports of extensive reshoots, knowing that Justice League has emerged relatively unscathed is music to our ears, and amid all of the reactions, we’ve also received confirmation that Warner’s latest superhero blockbuster will ship with not one, but two post-credits scenes. What exactly they’ll consist of remains unknown, but there’s been a lot of chatter online and it would seem that at least one of them features Lex Luthor and Deathstroke.

Why do we think this? Well, for one, we’ve already seen storyboards of a meeting between the two, and while it’s been rumored that neither character made it into the final cut, it’s since been confirmed that their scenes were definitely filmed. Not only that, but if you take a look at the Justice League soundtrack, one of the last songs is titled “Anti-Hero’s Theme” – a nod to Deathstroke, perhaps?

Finally, and most telling of all, is a not so cryptic Tweet by Jeremy Conrad, a former IGN editor who’s seen the film. It didn’t come with any caption unfortunately, but rather just the following image, which shows the two aforementioned characters engaged in battle. Check it out:

True, he could just be trolling us, but the evidence is hard to ignore. Throw in the fact that if you dig deep enough through online forums you’ll find numerous reports of Deathstroke and Lex showing up after the credits, and it seems almost certain that we’ll be seeing them when Justice League storms into theaters on November 17th.