Cyborg Stands Tall On This Rad New Poster For Justice League


Victor Stone may not demand the same reverence and sheer admiration as Superman – or any other member of JLA, for that matter – but Cyborg really held his own in Warner’s Justice League movie.

Dubbed the near-perfect fusion of man and machine, Ray Fisher’s reluctant hero is also expected to spearhead a DC film of his own in 2020. Granted, there are precious few details currently available for the Cyborg solo effort, and chances are Warner’s internal shake-up will have a marked effect on the current DCEU slate – if it hasn’t already.

However that may be, we’re hoping we haven’t seen the last of Victor Stone, and that’s a feeling that’s only compounded by this newly-unveiled Justice League poster. First spotted by Heroic Hollywood, the stylish one-sheet features a silhouette of Cyborg, in which you’ll see a key moment from Zack Snyder’s box office flop.

Pretty cool, no? On the Blu-ray front, we know Justice League‘s home video release has been scheduled for March 13th, and after spending much of the film’s campaign in the shadows, Warner Bros. is finally beginning to incorporate a certain Man of Steel into its marketing material.

Then again, it may be too little, too late, as the decision to omit Superman proved to be a costly oversight. Two months ago, Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s ensemble piece failed to break $100 million during its opening weekend in North America – Thor: Ragnarok, by stark contrast, opened to $121 million, proving that Marvel’s B-characters can be just as enticing, if not more so, than Warner’s A-team.

Expect the Justice League to touch down on Blu-ray and DVD on March 13th (pre-order here), exactly one month after its premiere on Digital HD. And true to those initial rumors, it won’t feature a director’s cut in any shape or form – but those pining for new content can still expect to find a scene that skipped theaters.