Justice League Blu-Ray Includes A Bonus Scene That Skipped Theaters, But No Director’s Cut


It’s no secret that Warner Bros. is on the verge of announcing Justice League on Blu-ray and DVD, but it seems Walmart has beat Warner to the punch.

As reported by Batman-News, the retail giant has posted screenshots of its admittedly beautiful Justice League Blu-ray cover art, which features all six members of DC’s super-team – yes, even Superman is ushered into the spotlight, having spent most of the film’s promotional blitz on the sidelines.

Peer a little closer, though, and you’ll notice that the sleeve itself features a sticker reading, “includes bonus scene not seen in theaters!” A deleted segment, perhaps? Or some never-before-seen footage pulled from the alleged extended version? Who knows.

What we do know, however, is that the Justice League Blu-ray makes absolutely no reference to a possible director’s cut, indicating that those vocal and impassioned Zack Snyder fans are campaigning for a lost cause. Here’s confirmation of that Walmart Blu-ray:

No word on pricing and/or a release date just yet, but the inspired artwork does feature a certain Man of Steel, who was conspicuously absent throughout most, if not all of Justice League‘s marketing campaign. It proved to be a costly oversight, too, given Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s ensemble piece failed to break $100 million during its opening weekend in North America – Thor: Ragnarok, by stark contrast, opened to $121 million, proving that Marvel’s B-characters can be just as enticing, if not more so, than Warner’s A-team.

Such a high-profile misfire left the DC Extended Universe in a sorry state, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Thanks to the appointment of Walter Hamada as head of DC Films, there’s a new dawn occurring within Warner’s superhero arm – and we’re not talking about the dawn of justice.

Whether said changeover will seed the creation of competent, well-thought-out superhero movies remains to be seen, but with a Blu-ray announcement seemingly right around the corner, it won’t be too long before moviegoers are able to take home Justice League – director’s cut or not.