Justice League Will Present A More Traditional Version Of Batman


With Justice League right around the corner now – we know, it’s hard to believe – Warner Bros. recently invited select members of the press to London where the film’s junket is being held this weekend. Of course, this has resulted in a number of juicy tidbits about the tentpole leaking out and the latest concerns the one and only Dark Knight himself, Batman.

Already, we’ve been told to expect an evolution of sorts for the Bat when Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon’s pic touches down and now, Ben Affleck has explained a little bit more about what exactly that means. Speaking at the press junket on Saturday, the actor noted that in Justice League, the Caped Crusader finds himself thrust into the role of leading the titular team.

 “In this movie he is thrust into the role of having to not only work with people but bring them together and convince them to come in and try to be, some kind of gel with Wonder Woman to hold all that community effort together, and that was a really good thing to play for me.”

Continuing on, Ben noted that his new job of leading the League will allow for a more traditional version of Batman, as opposed to what we saw in Dawn of Justice.

“And it also does take us to a more traditional version of Batman in the Justice League comics, and his role with the Justice League versus the less sort of typical version seen in Batman V Superman where he was blinded by rage and wanted to take on Superman, so that was a lot of fun for me,” Affleck said.

Justice League makes a beeline for theaters on November 17th, and when it does, it’ll reportedly collect around $120 million at the domestic box office. That figure is significantly lower than Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman‘s respective openings, though we fully expect word of mouth to have a marked effect on Justice League‘s initial takings – for better or worse. Stay tuned for more on that front.