New Justice League Promo Spotlights Wonder Woman And Cyborg


Now that Justice League‘s theatrical release is merely days away, it’s only expected that we wake up to find new goodies greeting us each morning throughout the week. Heck, it’s early in the day and the latest buzz is already going around.

Apparently, Warner Bros. are counting down with the rest of us, as evidenced by the latest promo they’ve served up. In a wise move on their part, they’ve opted to release it via social media. Hey, you have to admit that using a platform as far-reaching as Facebook will not only help build the anticipation of those already interested, but also perhaps sway those who may be on the fence. And, believe it or not, there exist those casual moviegoers who had no idea this movie was coming. They need love, too.

Anyway, one may assume Wonder Woman and Cyborg to be an odd pairing – especially with there being talk of sexual tension between Diana and Batman, perhaps in a nod to their relationship seen on Justice League Unlimited – but let’s not forget these two heroes previously shared the spotlight in their own celebratory week not long ago, so this is a bit of a reprisal.

Still, one could argue that Cyborg is more prominently featured here – and it’s deserved. Right now, everyone and their mother is still raving about the Amazon Warrior’s solo flick, and Victor Stone is still a relative unknown amongst the mainstream, save for maybe some animated films and the Teen Titans cartoons. To his credit, he looks pretty badass in the footage provided.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17.