Batman And Wonder Woman Will Have Sexual Tension In Justice League


DC fans have been glued to the ongoing news about Justice League‘s ever-changing production for months now. After principal photography was completed by Zack Snyder, an extensive period of reshoots was undertaken by The Avengers director Joss Whedon. Of course, reshoots are par for the course for big Hollywood pictures nowadays, but for Justice League, the process seems to be more transformative than most.

At first, we were told that Whedon was simply ushering the movie over the finish line, but over the past few months, more and more stories of major changes being made have come to light. Some things have been removed, while others have been inserted. And then, of course, there’ve been a number of stylistic or character developments. Now, though, with the film nearly here, we’ll soon get to see for ourselves just what exactly Whedon added to Justice League.

But before then, we do have word on one more thing that the director brought to the table with him, and that’s some sexual tension for the Bat and Diana Prince. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Ben Affleck revealed that part of the reshoots were to allow Batman to “play the dynamics and the sexual tension with Wonder Woman.” That doesn’t mean there’ll be a full blown romance between the two, but it’s interesting to learn of regardless.

After all, there is precedence for this both in the comic books and in various animated series – though it’s never been a particularly prominent aspect of either character’s history. Whether this “sexual tension” will be explored further in future DCEU films is of course unknown at this early stage, but it sounds like the seeds will definitely be planted in Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s upcoming tentpole pic and we’re excited to see where it goes from there.

Justice League is now so close we can almost feel the crackle of energy emanating from Steppenwolf’s almighty ax, and you’ll be pleased to note that the first reviews will begin appearing online at exactly 11:50 pm PST on Tuesday, November 14th – or 2:50 am EST on the Wednesday, if you happen to live on the East Coast. It looks destined for box office glory, too, particularly now that analysts have predicted a strong opening weekend in the region of $120 million. And that’s before word of mouth was factored into the equation.