10 Big Changes That Joss Whedon’s Made To Justice League


DC fans have been glued to the ongoing news about Justice League‘s ever-changing production for months now. After principal photography was completed by Zack Snyder, an extensive period of reshoots was undertaken by The Avengers director Joss Whedon. Of course, reshoots are par for the course for big Hollywood pictures nowadays, but for Justice League, the process seems to be more transformative than most.

At first, we were told that Whedon was simply ushering the movie over the finish line, but over the past few months, more and more stories of major changes being made have come to light. Some things have been removed, while others have been inserted. And then, of course, there’ve been a number of stylistic or character developments. Whatever it is, all of the following alterations have changed Justice League in significant ways.

To be clear, you might want to get a salt shaker ready so that you can take these reports with a healthy pinch of it. That being said, we’ve deliberately stuck with the more reliable sources, rather than going by the totally unsubstantiated rumours from Reddit and 4Chan. Still, with Warner Bros. not commenting much on what’s been going on, we can’t be 100% sure of their veracity.

With that out of the way, read on for 10 major changes that’ve been made to Justice League throughout the course of its reshoots.