Alleged Justice League Scene Description Finds Superman Paying A Visit To Kent Farm


Thor: Ragnarok may have edged out Warner’s Justice League¬†on the social polls, but there’s no question that the latter comic book movie has found itself smack back in the eye of a digital storm, one that’s largely made up of speculation, unfounded rumors, and half-baked fan theories.

Wading through that deluge of information has become a rather tricky task for the DC faithful, and this week alone, we’ve already caught wind of Superman’s fabled black suit – or lack thereof. Buried in that same report though was an alleged Justice League scene description.

Posted to Reddit, which is a red flag in and of itself, the source behind said description claims that Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s ensemble movie will feature a sequence in which Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel swoops down to visit Kent Farm. Spoilers: Superman is resurrected in Justice League, which was something that was originally teased during Batman V Superman‘s post-credits stinger.

Getting back to this purported scene, though, and the source goes on to claim that Henry Cavill was seen punching a huge stack of green boxes. They are, of course, acting as a stand-in for a CGI creation, one which will be added in post-production, but the bigger question is what was Superman beating back. A Parademon, perhaps? If so, it would mean that Steppenwolf is aware of the League’s many hideouts, which can only portend¬†dark and difficult times for our titular crew.

Justice League will be with us on November 17th – with or without Superman’s black suit. Word is that Warner’s long-brewing ensemble pic features not one, but two post-credits scenes, so it’d be wise to stick around after the screen goes black. Besides, with so many DC-related tentpoles cramming up the pipeline, there’s a very good chance the Powers That Be will take the opportunity to tee up Shazam! and/or Suicide Squad 2, both of which are said to be targeting 2019.

Source: Reddit

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