The Justice League Spring Into Action With New Promo Ads


With the cinematic release of Justice League being just over a month away, it seems like we’re getting treated to new promotional goodies by the day. This week alone, we’ve seen new high resolution imagescharacter posters and those who happen to be in the New York area have the ability to take part in one heck of an interactive experience in the coming days.

So, while you wait for the final trailer to drop this Sunday, it’s time you brace yourself for the knowledge that your favorite superheroes seemingly have a power you never knew about. Proving that The Ring‘s Samara Morgan isn’t the only fictional character capable of emerging from a screen, these new in-store AT&T ads show the gang springing forth from cellphones. And you thought Gumby’s ability to walk into books was trippy…

Thanks to Twitter user DCEUMX, we’ve been granted a look inside the Times Square AT&T shop that’s experiencing a Justice League takeover this weekend. In the gallery above, you can treat yourself to new looks at Batman, Cyborg, the Flash and Wonder Woman – in addition to a couple group shots – that are proudly on display at that specific location. What’s more is that a photo of some of the costumes worn in the feature film was also snapped, thus providing more incentive for people in the New York area to make a pilgrimage.

Taking all this into account, one can only wonder if we’ll be seeing a variety of AT&T-themed TV spots for Justice League ahead of its November 17 theatrical debut. Sure, corporate tie-ins aren’t for everybody, but new snippets of footage are always appreciated.