New Justice League Storyboard Recounts The Mother Box Origin Story


Although he may have practically disowned the egregious supergroup feature, Zack Snyder continues to reveal cut and concealed content from his 2017 blockbuster, Justice League, like he’s pining over a lost love.

While whether the motion picture was abruptly ripped from his clasp, or he chose to leave the project voluntarily, remains the subject of much debate, the DCEU founding father has steadily been divulging his macroscopic blueprint for the titular supergroup.

Ranging from a James Gordon Jr. Easter egg, all the way to snapshots confirming deleted scenes, Snyder’s Vero account has been a treasure trove of DC minutia over the past month or so, and today saw the divisive filmmaker recount the origin story of the Mother Box via storyboard, which you can check out for yourself below.

According to the director, the Apokoliptian artifact was found by the Nazi party toward the end of the second World War. Then, having presumably been captured by the allies, the Mother Box was studied stateside for several decades until finding its way into the hands of S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Silas Stone (Joe Morton), who used it to heal his son Victor Stone/Cyborg (Ray Fisher). Snyder didn’t disclose how far along he was into production when he had to drop the sequence, but the storyboard is certainly a fascinating antiquity unto itself.

It would appear that Snyder’s embargo on unveiling Justice League material has expired, as his Vero account has shifted focus from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice onto the schismatic supergroup feature. For instance, yesterday the Man of Steel director shared a hand-drawn storyboard depicting Batman (Ben Affleck) operating “the big Parademon air defense gun.”

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