Leaked Reactions To Justice League Test Screening Hail Warner’s Crossover As “Epic”


To say that Justice League was thrust under the microscope soon after Zack Snyder’s departure may read as something of an understatement, but even after all those alarming reports of extensive reshoots and “significant” alterations, it would appear Warner’s mega-budget tentpole has emerged relatively unscathed.

As we learned earlier today, the studio recently hosted an invite-only test screening, one which purportedly involved an “assembly cut” of Justice League in order to gauge audience reaction to what is undoubtedly the biggest, most crucial instalment in the DC Extended Universe so far.

Plus, after dealing with those aforementioned creative changes – changes that led to the appointment of erstwhile Avengers director Joss Whedon – the Powers That Be likely want to measure the level of interest in Whedon/Snyder’s crossover, and relay any last-minute feedback to those VFX artists who currently have their nose to the grindstone.

And while each attendee was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, a handful of reactions have slipped out under the red tape and yes, they’re overly positive.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, three members of the audience told Batman-News that the so-called assembly cut of Justice League was an “epic” affair, while one attendee, in particular, gushed over the DC ensemble movie despite not liking Batman V Superman. Which I imagine is how a fair amount of people will react come November.

Per Twitter:

Our advice? Stay skeptical. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice garnered similarly positive reviews only to release as a bloated, incoherent mess, while it’s also important to note that those invited to Justice League‘s recent test screening are likely comic book super-fans.

So far, so good? Justice League is still a full two months out from its theatrical release, but this is a sure-fire sign that Warner’s marquee blockbuster is fast approaching the finish line. Expect an official screening to take place sometime next month, at which point we’ll have a better understanding of how Whedon/Snyder’s flick fares with the audience.