Does The New Justice League Trailer Hint At Supergirl?


San Diego Comic-Con is now over, but it brought with it a ton of goodies that fans are still buzzing about as they pick apart and dissect each and every trailer for any clues they can find that may tell them just a little bit more about their most anticipated upcoming releases.

Undoubtedly, one of the films that made the biggest splash this past weekend was Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s Justice League. Though the blockbuster has been the subject of much uncertainty and worrying rumors lately, no one can deny that the new trailer Warner Bros. brought with them to Comic-Con was fantastic, showcasing some gorgeous shots, a few sure to be epic set pieces and our very first look at the villainous Steppenwolf.

At over 4 minutes in length though, there was a lot to mull over in the preview and to no surprise, fans have already discovered a few very intriguing things. Perhaps the biggest talking point to emerge so far is that Superman tease at roughly the 1:40 mark, when we see Bruce staring at a hologram which many believe to be the Big Blue Boy Scout. However, a new fan theory puts forth the idea that it’s not actually the Man of Steel, but rather his cousin, Supergirl.

It’s a bit of a stretch, but as points out, when the red cape is brushed back, you can see a leg appear. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t appear to be Clark Kent’s, as it’s quite slender and also shows off some skin, which Superman’s suit doesn’t. Rather, the person in the frame has knee-high boots, similar to the ones Supergirl wears.

Check out the image for yourself below and see what you think:

Again, it’s definitely a stretch and is likely nothing more than some eager fans trying to make something out of nothing, but it’s interesting to consider. Especially since this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Supergirl may be introduced into the DCEU. That being said, we’d be shocked if the studio was able to pull this off without anyone finding out beforehand and while we don’t doubt that we may see the Girl of Steel in the franchise one day, we highly doubt it’ll be in Justice League.

After all, the film already has to deal with getting audiences acquainted with Cyborg, Aquaman and the Flash, so it’d be foolish to throw in yet another important character as we can’t imagine there’d be enough room to give her a proper introduction. Who knows, though? The DCEU hasn’t exactly been playing by the rules so far and perhaps we should expect the unexpected?

One way or another, we’ll find out soon enough, as Justice League storms into theatres on November 17th.