Fresh Batch Of Justice League Pics Show Zack Snyder Orchestrating The Team


On the eve of Justice League‘s globetrotting press tour (first stop: China), Zack Snyder has shared a fresh batch of behind-the-scenes pics featuring Cyborg, Wonder Woman and the Scarlett Speedster himself, Barry Allen.

There’s also an up-close peek at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman on set, which compliments this morning’s apocalyptic TV spot quite nicely, which had Queen Mera swimming into action. That scene presumably involves the city of Atlantis in its darkest hour, after it becomes one of three primary targets of the invading Steppenwolf – remember, Ciarán Hinds’ über-villain is on the hunt for DC’s infamous Mother Boxes, which were split up between the kingdom of man, Atlantis, and the Amazonians years before Darkseid’s subordinate touched down on Themyscira.

But if Justice League is all business and Earth-shattering predicaments up front, the atmosphere on set looked fairly relaxed – fun, even. Down below, we’ve included those candid pics from Zack Snyder, who recently shared a shot of the Caped Crusader getting to grips with Aquaman’s trident – how’s that for a moment of fan service?

And now that the dust has ostensibly settled from Justice League‘s storied production, Warner Bros. has made it explicitly clear that its DC ensemble movie belongs to Snyder, with Joss Whedon receiving a screenwriting credit for his contribution to the story, one which he fine-tuned alongside Chris Terrio (Star Wars: Episode IX).

The former Avengers and soon-to-be Batgirl director also oversaw extensive reshoots on Justice League, which allegedly carved out more screen time for Diana Prince following the runaway success of Wonder Woman. It went on to claim a record $821 million worldwide, so let’s just hope Justice League builds on that momentum in three weeks’ time.

November 17th is the date for your diaries.