Justice League’s Amy Adams Says She’s Open To Playing Lois Lane Again

Man of Steel Superman

The critical and commercial failure of Justice League definitely sent ripples through the DCEU. Though half of the team managed to survive the mess, with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and (hopefully) Ezra Miller’s Flash getting their own franchises, the other half weren’t so lucky. Ray Fisher’s presumed to have been let go as Cyborg, Ben Affleck’s hung up Batman’s cape and Henry Cavill… Well, we’re not really sure what’s happening with his Superman.

Neither is his co-star Amy Adams. The actress played Lois Lane three times – Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and JL – over the years, but she’s not entirely sure whether she’ll get the chance to portray the intrepid reporter for a fourth occasion. Adams told Empire Magazine that she was “totally open” to return to the part, but noted that, as far as she knows, Warner Bros. has got something else planned. “I think [the studio is] moving in a different direction, from my understanding,” she explained.

This echoes comments the star has made before. Back in 2018, Adams was asked a similar question and commented that she believed WB was “revamping” the Superman corner of the DCEU. The fact that her position hasn’t changed since then just shows how the Kryptonian’s franchise has been put on hold by the studio ever since Justice League derailed their plans. It sounds a lot like Adams knows about as much as we do about the whole situation.

Reports have been circling ever since Justice League that Cavill is done as Superman, but the British actor himself maintains that he’s still holding on to the part and wishes to come back for another solo movie as the hero. Presumably ,it’s all on WB to make up their minds whether they want to continue with what they’ve already established or start afresh. Until then, it seems Cavill, Adams and the fans will have to keep hoping for the best.