Justice League’s Diane Lane Issues Statement To Clear The Air


Whether you considered it to be cause for concern or a storm in a teacup, Diane Lane’s recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen sparked heated debate across the four corners of the Internet.

As is common practice for an actor/actress involved in a superhero tentpole, it didn’t take long before the Justice League star was soliciting questions regarding Zack Snyder’s upcoming tentpole. When asked if she could divulge any potential spoilers, and if the DC ensemble film will be better than The Avengers, Lane stated: “No, and no. Short but honest – I hate to disappoint, but…” – sending Marvel and DC fans into a collective tailspin.

But it seems those comments were blown completely out of proportion, and now, ComicBook has relayed an official statement from one of Diane Lane’s representatives that’s essentially designed to clear the air.

“Diane meant “sorry to disappoint” in reference to revealing anything concerning “Justice League” that is not already out in the public, and, was declining to comment on a film (Avengers) that she has not seen.

She is thrilled to continue her role as Martha Kent, and appreciates your excitement for “Justice League”.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to clarify this.”

PR spin? Or a genuine misunderstanding? We’ll leave that one to you. Elsewhere on the Justice League news rumor cycle, it appears as though Henry Cavill, who incidentally plays the son of Diane Lane’s Martha Kent, continues to tease the possibility of a Green Lantern cameo.

Soon after Wonder Woman stages her grand origin story on June 2nd – box office estimates claim Patty Jenkins’ standalone pic is headed for an opening weekend to the tune of $65 million – all eyes will begin to turn toward Justice League. There’s a particular weight of expectation pressing down on the broad, burly shoulders of Zack Snyder’s ensemble pic, particularly after the back-to-back misfire of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. As such, November 17th can’t come quick enough.

Source: ComicBook