Justice League’s Ray Fisher Throws Support Behind #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

Image via DC Films

A Justice League star has is throwing his support behind calling on Warner Bros. to restore the so-called SnyderVerse.

In a recent Tweet, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher called the HBO Max-released Zack Snyder’s Justice League a “global phenomenon,” a nod to the same phrase WarnerMedia President Priya Dogra used about the film in an official address this week, which reignited the campaign to #RestoreTheSnyderCut on social media. Check out the post below.

Fisher, who has long shown support for Snyder’s vision, was featured much more prominently in the director’s version of the film that was released earlier this year, with many calling Cyborg’s story and arc the emotional heart of the film.

The 2017 version of Justice League, directed by Joss Whedon, who took over after a family tragedy forced Snyder to abdicate his creative duties in the film, was not favored by Fisher, who was among those that claimed Whedon engaged in abusive behavior toward cast and crew on set.

While an internal investigation into the allegations drew no real conclusions, Fisher has since stated he won’t be appearing in any future DC/Warner Bros. projects overseen by DC Films President Walter Hamada.

As for Snyder, he appears to have happily moved on from DC altogether following the release of his cut of the superhero epic, which was praised by many for its breathtaking action set pieces, sheer visual storytelling achievements and creating a surprisingly compelling film out of something that had such an initially lackluster critical response form it’s 2017 version.

We’ll just have to see how any future installments of Justice League turn out, now that Snyder has found success in the Netflix hit Army of the Dead and reportedly has a few other projects in the works, such as a TV show based in the same zombie universe as the sprawling streaming film, called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.