Zack Snyder’s Justice League Called A Global Phenomenon By HBO Max; Fans Call To Restore Snyderverse

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has officially been proclaimed as a “global phenomenon” by HBO Max.

That was the exact phrase used for the re-cut of the film that came out on the streaming platform earlier this year during an HBO Max launch event in Europe today, with President of WarnerMedia Priya Dogra saying it in her official address. There was also a dedicated segment of the video that highlighted DC Universe brand titles housed in HBO Max’s User Interface, such as the forthcoming Peacemaker spinoff show from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

Given the high praise from Warner Bros, Zack Snyder stans across the are now taking to Twitter to urge the studio to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse as the hashtag trends on the social media platform. While many fans were grateful WB ended up finally releasing the mythological Snyder cut of Justice League, they simultaneously announced the end of DC’s Snyderverse era at the time, despite the film’s many teases for sequels and expanding on its lore. Check out some of the reactions below.

The user Ralphisto asks, “Imagine being the studio who OWNS it and not building off of it. Insanity.”

Here fan Sr.Vianna encourages all the hashtag warriors out there for bringing on the next campaign to restore the Snyderverse to coincide with DC’s FanDome on October 16th to really get the message across.

Another Twitter user, Leonidas, expressed his gratitude to the fanbase that arguably got the Snyder cut to be released in the first place and to stay vigilant in the fight.

What do you think DC and WB should do with the future of the Justice League movies?