Justin Bieber Admits Tom Cruise Could Kick His Ass In A Fight


It seems like almost everyone in the world wants to see Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise trade blows. The Internet was abuzz this week with the prospect of the two A-list celebs stepping into the ring against each other. In fact, the whole thing became so big that it even caught the attention of none other than UFC champion Conor McGregor, who tweeted that he’d be willing to host the fight.

And though we’re still waiting for a response from the Mission Impossible star, a lot of people feel pretty confident he could take the Biebs in a brawl. Despite more than doubling the pop star in age, the 56-year-old actor is notorious for always doing all of his own stunts and is in terrific shape for a man in his fifties. Bieber, on the other hand, might be taller and also has youth on his side, but he’s never been known for his fighting skills.

It seems he knows this, too, as when the paparazzi caught up with him earlier today, Justin explained that the whole thing was just a joke, before admitting that Cruise could definitely take him in a fight.

“It was just a random tweet,” he explained. “I do that stuff sometimes.” “I think he’d probably whup my ass in a fight! I’d have to get in some good shape.”

Again, we’re still awaiting Tom Cruise’s official response to this bizarre situation, but we can’t imagine he’s in any hurry to engage in Twitter shenanigans with someone young enough to be his son. Besides, he’s still hard at work on Top Gun: Maverick, and likely has one of the busiest schedules in all of Hollywood.

In any case, it seems like the much discussed fight is nothing more than a pipe-dream for millions around the world. Though who knows? Maybe Cruise will come back with a Tweet accepting Justin Bieber‘s challenge, forcing the singer to put his money where his mouth is. Stay tuned.

Source: TMZ