Justin Bieber Calls Out Tom Cruise Again With New Instagram Post


Just when you thought one of the weirdest celeb stories of the year was dying down, it – against all odds – manages to reemerge.

As we previously reported a few weeks back, Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Bieber took to Twitter to challenge Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise to a UFC fight. It was a rather bizarre thing to do, though it might not come as a complete shock to some, considering we’ve seen matchups such as Mayweather vs. McGregor and (for whatever reason) YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul duking it out in the ring.

A few weeks later, it came as no surprise that Bieber walked back what he said, claiming he was just joking the whole time, and, in all likelihood, Tom Cruise would easily be able to trounce him. Still, it seems the singing sensation from The Great White North is content with continuing to tease a potential bout, as evidenced by one of his most recent Instagram posts.

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I nominate Tom cruise and Hailey Bieber

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As you can see above, Bieber recently shared a video to the social media platform where he’s seen standing behind a glass bottle with a cap on it. Yep, it seems like he’s joining in on the so-called “Bottle Cap Challenge,” and before he proceeds to stylishly kick the lid off of its container, he cracks a quick joke, saying “this could be Tom Cruise’s head,” while nominating the actor in his caption.

Of course, there’s no confirmation or hints that the proposed bout will actually take place, and if it did, many have already pointed out that, despite his age, Cruise is very much in shape, often performing his own stunts on camera. As always though, we’ll let you know if and when this joke of an idea from Justin Bieber becomes a reality.