Justin Bieber Backs Out Of His Fight With Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber

Sorry folks, but it looks like the celebrity fight of the century has been cancelled. Less than a week after he announced via Twitter that he wanted to throw down with Tom Cruise, confusing the entire planet, Justin Bieber has rescinded his offer. And by rescinded, we mean chickened out.

In case you’d forgotten the epic and poorly spelled challenge, here it is again:

In a chat with the TMZ paparazzi who caught him as he was leaving his wife Hailey’s office, Bieber admitted that the challenge was just a joke. Despite the paps reassuring the singer that he had “skills,” he admitted that the Mission: Impossible star would probably kick his ass. Probably, indeed.

The singer explained that he had just watched an interview with Cruise, and he had him on his mind. So, he did what anyone would do – jumped on Twitter and offered to fight the actor, and even tagged the president of the UFC. There hasn’t been an official reply from Cruise or White to our knowledge, but famed fighter Conor McGregor had graciously offered to officiate what would’ve probably been the shortest fight in history.

Despite once jumping on Oprah’s couch and just being, shall we say, a bit eccentric over the years, Cruise is in great shape for his age. He’s famous for doing his own stunts, too, and having the injuries to prove it. Imagining a fight between the two is just…amusing.

Who knows though, maybe it was all a stunt concocted by Bieber so Tom Cruise would grant him a cameo in the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick?